Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday in France - Fun with friends & Automne du Bourgailh

Le Bassin Cap du bois


I really enjoy Sunday's here in France.  They are low-key, quiet and very much about family time.  Since for the most part, everything is closed on Sunday - it is really about quality time together.  Hang out with family or friends, go for a walk, a bike ride or just relax.  It's just time to mellow out and unwind. Today was no exception.

We were invited over to a friend's house for lunch.  So nice to get families together.  Turned out to be 3 families who all had kids of similar age.  So while, we adults socialized and snacked - the kids went off and all played together.  Love when this happens!  Our host had gone off to the market this morning and returned with a delicious fare of delicacies to enjoy and try. Ah -French markets - you can find some delicious food.  We dined on smoked salmon, seafood paella and finished with the local specialty of canelles.   It was so delicious and truly relaxing to enjoy a wonderful meal with friends.

As is typical French culture, we talked, ate, and drank for several hours.  Again..this is what Sundays are made of here in France - socializing, relaxing and enjoying time together.  No errands, no running around trying to get things done...just hanging! I Love it!!

We returned back to our house around 5 pm.  We would have stayed longer with our friends and enjoyed a nice walk around the city, but my oldest who is in 5eme (grade 7) still had some homework to finish.  I was feeling so relaxed but it was so sunny and fairly warm out, that I talked my middle daughter into going on a bike ride with me. I figured we would be gone about an hour.  Off we went - heading out on my favorite route - across town and biking to the Site du Bourgailh. - a wonderful park near us that is great for walking and riding bikes.
Taking a break from riding

As we entered the park from the far end, I noticed that there were more people coming out than usual.  But it was a beautiful day!  As we rode further in, we were passed by a horse drawn buggy and noticed even more people strolling.  It turned out there was a festival going on today. - Fete de l'Arbe et de la Nature

Entering into the festival

They say...when in Rome, do what the Romans we got off our bikes and walked slowly through the festival.  It was super!  Lots of booths selling all kinds of natural juices, wines, jams.  Other booths had handmade goods, plants, candles. On one end, there were lots of trees, scrubs and small plants for sale. There was even an old-fashion wooden game area for kids and a giant lawn chess game set up.  Older kids could also be harnessed to scale up a tree and zip line down and of course - there were pony rides.  It's was a wonderful surprise.  We even stopped and enjoyed a snack and bought some fresh pressed Apple juice.
Time to walk the bikes through....

Family game area

More festival booths

It was a great surprise and a fun little break!  I have enjoyed festivals at this park before - they never seem to disappoint - & I think are growing bigger.
Always fun to find a snack

After our lovely little diversion, we headed back enjoy some homemade chili and salad!  As I said at the beginning of this post - I love Sundays!


  1. You know. Your post today could not be more opposite of mine :) Well-we tried the low key thing, but alas. It was thwarted. I do like the lack of pressure to 'run errands' etc, but sometimes with the ages of my littles- it's hard to enjoy. But we keep trying!
    Looks like you guys had a perfect Sunday :)

    1. So funny...I was commenting on your post - as you were commenting on mine. Yes, it's all age relative...but relative to how they choose to react or I said - we get the tween girl drama going in this house!! Loved your post!

  2. What a beautiful and perfect way to spend the day!

    1. Sometimes I think the most spontaneous choices turn into the best days!! I guess because we don't have time to get huge expectations. Great hearing from you.

  3. A nice thing in the park to stumble upon!

    1. Definitely!! Made the bike ride interesting and different for my daughter. Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well in Vegas!


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