Friday, March 27, 2015

Springtime on the Quai - Bordeaux

Spring Weather in Bordeaux
March arrived and Spring has sprung in Bordeaux.  We are not without our rainy days though - but sprinkled between the clouds and the rain - We have been able to bask in the sunshine and profit from some very lovely weather. The city is coming back to life after a Winter's slumber.  That's what I love about Bordeaux - a true Spring season!
A couple weekends ago, the weather was beautiful!!  So Sunday afternoon - Camera in my hand - scooter and rip stick for the girls - we headed into Bordeaux to enjoy the stunning weather and walk/ride along the river.  As you will be able to tell from these photos - I think the rest of Bordeaux had the same idea!! Fun part is 2 weeks later - the girls are still talking about their fun afternoon along river.  It's amazing that the simple things can be the most rewarding.
What amazed me was seeing the colors of Spring peaking through the grays of Winter. The sun on the limestone buildings and the magic of seeing everyone outside enjoying this beautiful weekend.  Most were strolling along the river - families, couples, groups of youth - just enjoying being outside.  It was lively and exhilarating to see.  People sitting in the gardens talking, having a snack, or just relaxing - Spring has arrived and Bordeaux is at it's finest!  This is so part of the French culture -socializing, relaxing and enjoying being outside.
 I can't believe it's almost the end of March.  Time flies by when you are having fun!  Walking, riding, skating, scootering, jogging  - you see it all here along the river.  It's one of the special parts of this city.  Watching the city come to life after the dormant of Winter is special.  I hope by sharing some of the colors and warmth of Spring - it will warm hearts and remind even those of you who are still stuck in the grasp of Winter - that Spring and warmer temps are on their way.  Happy Spring everyone!
This weekend - I'm looking forward to enjoying the Portes Ouvertes in the Medoc.  It's when many Chateaux open their doors for visits and tastings.  A fun way to enjoy and compare the different wines in that area.  

Here's a link to a post I wrote last year - and photos from a previous Portes Ouvertes

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  Hope your will be fun!


  1. Love your pics! They remind me of my trip to Bordeaux last May. The quai is so lively and is a great place to run, people watch and just enjoy the vibe of the city. #allaboutfrance

  2. Lovely photos! The quais are looking so nice at the moment, I'm loving it.

  3. You make Bordeaux look so lovely Jennifer, your love for the city shines through. It certainly seemed like an amazing weekend - to be outside in t-shirts in March is pretty rare! Thanks for joining up to #AllAboutFrance, I hope you'll be back again next month!

  4. Love your photos! What a fun memory for you and your kids! Love the French sunshine! :)

  5. Nice to find you through #AllAboutFrance and I am going to start following you. We American expats need to stick together!
    I went to Bordeaux back in the 90s and found it quite depressing, then went back for a conference a few years ago and was amazed at the fabulous urban renovation that has taken place. I had heard about what a great city it has become and I heartily agree! I was lucky to have great weather too -- it was early October, an Indian summer!


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