Friday, June 8, 2012

Andernos Les Bains - Atlantic Coast - near Bordeaux

Fun Little Coastal Town - Andernos Les Bains
 - just a short drive from Bordeaux

So one of the fun things about living in Bordeaux is that we are pretty close to the Atlantic Ocean.  It's basically a 40 minute drive West.  So fun - and relaxing.  On the last May holiday (American Memorial Day - but in France it was Pentecost) a friend and I decided to take our kids out to explore one of the little towns in the Arcachon Bassin.  The Arcachon Bassin is a large protected bay with the town of Arcachon at it's opening and other villages surround the bay going around the inside and the outer point is called Cap Ferret.  

This is one of the quaint shopping streets in the town...lined with adorable boutiques, shoppes, cafes, art galleries.  So fun to just spend an afternoon browsing.

One of the fun shops - love the reusable bags on the left - and no seaside town is complete with out flip-flops!

Another cute little boutique...note the awning to cover the outdoor display and the beautiful flowers that hang off the lamp posts in town.  Isn't the mannequin - so French looking.?

More fun summer French clothes...

Sometimes you even find "American" looking shirts - 
The French actually love items with English phrases on them.

And a little art - from the galleries...This metal & painted design stood out in front of one of the whimsical!

Just love the colors on this Wall painting.

More metal sculptures & mirrors.

Fun little cafe - love the orange and green themed chairs!

and for those who love menus...This little sandwich shop made a good variety.

Now the kids always enjoy a nice beach...white soft sand, fine grain, sunny day...all is wonderful - However, when you are in the East side of the basin and the tide goes out,and out and end up with no water and....

you look around and see only dry-docked boats

The kids enjoy playing in the soft sand...but then are ready to head out to find the water...


They have to head way, way out to try to find water...and...

Instead they find MUD!!  
Lots of MUD!  and get covered in it!

My middle daughter even had fun sharing it with your little sister who wasn't too thrilled!...Wish I could show you her face of disgust when she realized her sister smeared mud on her back and shoulders!

So lesson here is WATCH the tidal tables ( - go to the beach when the tide has  just peaked high or is coming in...I have to say my kids had super soft skin after their romp in the mud!  Nothing better than a homemade mud masque! They did have a fun time even without water.   Good thing there were showers strategically located on the beach!  Finally, nothing better than to finish out the day with ICE CREAM!


  1. Looks like my kind of place! I spent a year in France just north of Bordeaux in Saintes several years ago but must have missed this delightful seaside town. Lovely photos - I love the vibrant painting and those cute orange and green chairs. Looks like a fun day out.

    1. Thanks for commenting...I love the beaches on the Atlantic side..the sand is so fine and soft. I find it fun as I tour villages to see all the colors here - art, decor, buildings etc.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting - I love beaches - especially these with the fine sand...I would have liked it better if the tide was water too.

  3. It's funny how they do love shirts with English sayings, but they're always a bit wonky. Like the French signs and tea towels we use in the US but are riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors. Ma Fille won't wear anything with English on it to school because she doesn't like the attention.
    As for the beach, I've never seen mud that color! When the tide is in is it quite rough there? I know that's the spot for surfing in France, unlike the calmer water over here in the Med.

  4. oh wow.. that looks like so much fun.
    Love the art sculpture of the woman...
    and that is a lot of mud!

  5. Too funny that there was no water. I want to be a kid again, where it's completely acceptable to cover yourself in mud! It looks like a cute little town. If it were a bit sunnier today I'd go!

    1. I know - this afternoon was hysterical! Have to say each child had super smooth skin after their mud baths! It is definitely a great little town - I do recommend checking the tidal table - because it is really pretty in high tide!


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