Friday, June 22, 2012

Plage du Grand Crohot - Lège- Cap Ferret - Summer's almost here!

Fun in the Sun - Just a moment in time!

One of my new favorite bloggers, does a special Friday moment...just a photo capturing a moment, a memory of something that happenned that week....I'm going to do my version of that a few photos  ...This week, most of our New York friends have finished school and are welcoming summer (along with the heat that comes with it.).  It was beautiful here this past weekend, so we also welcomed the beginning of summer (although we have 2 more weeks of school left)...So here is plage du Grand Crohot at  Lège Cap Ferret.  Our true first foray to the Atlantic Ocean this season!  Ocean was blue, surf was great and the sun...beautiful!  For my youngest, it's her first time really seeing and enjoying an Ocean beach!

Here's to the beginning of summer for all of friends...may you all create wonderful memories and have a relaxing and super time!  Looking forward to hearing about everyone's great adventures!

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