Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Few Photos...Jardin des Plantes, Paris

Weekend in October & 
Jardin des Plantes, Paris

It's the weekend - actually the beginning of Toussaint break for my kids.  We are hoping for a nice break weather-wise - hopefully step away from the rain and wind of the past few weeks.  It's time for some sunshine!  The kids are excited to have the next 2 weeks off (yes, my US friends, I did say 2 weeks - The French school calendar is made up of several 2 week breaks).  It's actually nice to have a bit of a break from school - we are planning to hang out around here for the first week and then we are headed North with some friends.

So in hoping for some sunshine...I wanted to share some photos from the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.  When I was up there earlier this month, I had the luxury of enjoying a nice walk around this park.

Even though it was early October, there were still plenty of flowers in bloom.  So welcoming and colorful.  I can only imagine how vibrant and beautiful it looks in the Spring and Summer.

The Museum of Natural History is located on the property, along with many tree-lined walking paths, restaurants a great playground and even a small zoo.  I can see why this part is often a site used for many photo shoots and enjoyed by lots of people.

Would love to bring the kids to this park - the museum, the zoo and of course a playground - so many fun things to do!

I love the expressions on these statues....

 The Museum of Natural History...

 The setting sun gave a beautiful reflection into the windows of the greenhouses.

The gazebo, a great place to sit and look out on the park.  I can also see whey Parisians and tourists alike and get lost in their thoughts in this park - it's a perfect place to walk around and relax.

So off on break we go....looking forward to doing more exploring and adventuring....


  1. Stunning photos!! Really fun to see what you are up to! Love that school schedule!!

    1. Thank you...I have fallen in love with photography! It's become such a great way to document our adventure! I have to say, I love the school schedule too both for the kids and as a person who use to work in schools...I always said..I'd just get into the rhythm of vacation and it was back to also allows families here to take a week vacation and then have time to reorganize for school. I enjoy your blog also - so inspiring!

  2. The perfect way to start the Fall break! Hope you enjoy it :)

    1. Thank you...headed up to the Loire Valley next week - Hoping for sunshine! Hope the weather gets better in your neck of the woods! Take care.

  3. Reading up on Ralph Waldo Emerson and this brought me to the Jardin des Plantes which led me to your blog, we live in South jersey, and would love to see the botanical gardens one day in paris, we have a small sculpture garden here in Hamilton NJ we adore it is called Grounds For Sculpture, no comparison lol, very interesting to read how you moved from up state new york to Paris, thats exciting, we were up in Keane NewYork last year on April 12 th it was snowing on Cascade mountain and we climbed to the summit, (never again in April) lol beautiful place crisp clear nature and water but too cold for me, we have warm tropical breezes blow through south jersey which is wonderful, but as you know the canadian air blows in winter and its quite freezing also. thanks and best of luck in Pari , Sincerely Christine R

    1. Christine - Thank you for your comment. Congratulations on climbing Cascade Mountain - I am familiar with that mountain and in April! The ADK are definitely cold in the Spring - I use to live in Blue Mountain Lake for 5 years and one winter our snow didn't melt until May 1st! Come back and visit the blog anytime, always nice to hear from readers.


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