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Paris - Avenue D'Italie Sunday Market & Architecture

Paris - Place D'Italie & Market on Avenue D'Italie -
Weekend away...

 So this past weekend, I had the luxury of heading off to Paris for a few days by myself (or as the French say - toute seule!).  I had a lovely time staying with a friend and have to say as much as I love my children, it was  nice and relaxing to be without them for a little while. There is something to be said about being able to enjoy a quiet evening with friends, go to sleep knowing you won't be woken up by a child crawling into your bed, and sleep in and wake up on your own.  Now all that being said, I still woke up at 7 am- but at least I knew I could relax and read.

I heading up on the TGV on Saturday afternoon arriving around 5 pm.  It was so much fun to be in the city!  For whatever reason, I can't totally describe it, I feel at home in Paris.  I truly don't know Paris that well but I just find it very comfortable moving around and I find the buildings just stunning!  I think I could stare at the older buildings forever.  As I stood looking at Cathedral Notre Dame on Monday morning,  I realized that this city is calmer than the hustle and bustle of NYC.  Yes, this is a city, but it just has a totally different feel than most US big cities.

My friend lives in a lovely residential area near Place D'Italie.  The streets are very nice there - pretty residential giving it more a neighborhood feel.  It's also a beautiful mix of old buildings and newer ones.  We enjoyed the weekend checking out the parks, some bistros and I even got to spend some time walking around the Latin Quarter & touring Cathedral Notre Dame.  I had no real agenda, just went with the flow.  Lots of fun.

We were very French on Sunday morning and walked down the street to the local market on Avenue D'Italie to pick up food for a good meal that noontime.  I had lots of fun observing how this market was different than my own in back in Pessac.  This market was set up on the sidewalk so it's narrow and lasts a couple of blocks long.  It's a long straight path - narrow and with lots of people, seemed very crowded.  But the sights and smells were very delicious and so appealing. I could have bought lots of things....but I just decided to enjoy taking photos instead.

The Poulet Roti,,,,

The eggs looked so fresh and yummy!

And look at this cheese!  This was just the upper corner of the display....I love tasting cheese and enjoying the different tastes.

And grapes are in season...

Of course what is a market or Paris without The French Baguette?

 One of the more interesting sights was all the different wild mushrooms, including my French favorite, cepes.

 And remember they sell almost anything at the market...below are fresh (and I mean complete with feathers) duck, and pheasant.

 Another colorful thing about markets here in France are all the flowers - I see them all year long - I can see why the French always have fresh flowers in their homes and all over.  Such a great way to add freshness and color.  Just look at some of the displays below.

I love these - Chou fleurs....literally Cauliflower (these are plants)

As I said earlier, I found the architecture stunning in this part of Paris.  The following photos are just a few of the buildings that I walked by as we walked back to my friend's apartment. I love the detailed columns on the windows, all the beautiful wrought-iron balconies, and how the corners have more carved out columns.  Just takes you back to days gone by.

When I have some time later, I have some lovely photos of Jardin des Plantes & the Latin Quarter - but it's time to go be mom - kids are getting up for breakfast and it's off to another busy day.  It was nice to take myself back to my petit sejour and smile at the peace of it all.


  1. Oh how wonderful! I would absolutely love to be heading up to Paris tout seule this weekend! :)

    1. It was super enjoyable....something I haven't done in a long time - (having a little time away). It was great that it was also in Paris...looking forward to this coming weekend also!

  2. Just spending time catching up on your blog posts. I love French markets and you have taken some amazing photos especially those baguettes and the cheese. I always admire the wonderful Parisian buildings with the beautiful balconies.

    1. Thank you for visiting again. I'm enjoying taking the pictures - photography is always something I've loved and it's great to experiment a little with some close up shots....and what better medium than France and Paris. Thanks for commenting - always nice to hear from you. Have a good week.

  3. how fun! i've been living in a suburb of paris for almost seven years now! looking forward to following your little blog, the pictures are fab!

    1. Thank you for your comment - love hearing from new readers. I have a lot of fun with photography and it's so nice to share. Come back and visit again.


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