Thursday, November 7, 2013

Raising Global kids..Music & Playing for Change - Super way to bring people together!

Music, France & Kids
Just yesterday as the girls and I were running errands in the car - a French song came on the radio and not one, but all three of my girls sang right along with the lyrics.  I was suddenly reminded how far we have come to have 3 bilingual daughters.  I still sit in amazement to listen to them ramble away in French to their friends and then in a split second, turn and speak English to me.  I really treasure this gift that we have been able to give them.  I also marvel at my older daughters who love popular music and when they find a song they enjoy, no matter what language, they search YouTube to find the lyrics and learn them.  My middle daughter is especially known to do this - so far she has not only learned songs in English, French but also Spanish and Portuguese..  She just loved music - it truly is very powerful.

I find music is such a beautiful force to join cultures - gives children and families a window to other places but also a way to bond us together.  Through songs, we are transported to a higher place, a place where we are all one, all united by one force and more aware of similarities then differences.  I remember a few years ago when my older daughters were about 7 & 10 years old and we were vacationing in France with family.  They got the opportunity to spend an afternoon with French cousins who were the same age.  At the time, my daughters didn't speak French or understand it, and the cousins didn't know English - but I still remember them bonding that afternoon with music!

Music in France is diverse - many songs, multiple languages representing many countries in Europe - but they also import American & British pop music. For my girls, they love that - it helps them still feel connected to the States and when a friend on instagram or facebook talks about a popular song in the States, for the most part my girls are very much up to speed.

For several years, my family and I have been following the work of "Playing for Change" via their YouTube videos - This project seeks to bring together musicians from around the world - they also believe that peace and harmony are accomplished by bringing people together through music.

Check out their website - Playing For Change

Most recently this group has teamed up the French company Okaïdi  and created  a music video featuring children from around the world singing.  I was so moved by these 2 videos - I felt I had to share.  Their purpose as quoted by them:  "Okaïdi and Playing for Change are teaming up to unite and help children around the world through music.  Music is the uniting force - wherever one comes from, whatever political, economic, spiritual or ideological beliefs - music breaks down barriers and unites all of us."
So I encourage everyone to listen and if you have children - share it with them.  These are beautiful videos and such a wonderful way for all children to see kids from around the world.

I hope you enjoyed listening to these and I encourage everyone to share them!!  Feel free to share this post also - I just want to spread the word about how wonderful this project is. 


  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful videos! I plan on sending them to my little sister.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed them. I am just so moved each time I watch them. My wish is that many people get to see their message! Thank for reading and commenting - so nice to hear from you. BTW- thanks for the advice on sponsors! I truly appreciated it!

  2. Wonderful that your girls will be so fluent


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