Thursday, February 27, 2014

Parc Bordelais - Bordeaux - A Spring-like Afternoon

Parc Bordelais

Parc Bordelais - Signs of Spring

Yes, it's been a while since my last blog post - don't worry - I'm not abandoning my blog - life just got really busy for the past few weeks.  First, my oldest daughter had some synchro competitions, then a good friend from College visited for a few days, then the kids started break and in the midst of all of that - I'm studying to be a tour guide starting at the end of this month.  All of these things have kept me quite busy! I'm presently working on several different posts from our mini-vacation near Saint Jean du Luz, and our life currently.  If you follow me on Instagram, twitter or facebook - you will have seen some photos from our past few weeks.

I have to say that one of the things I do like about Bordeaux is that we have Spring!  Coming from New York State - I'm use to lots of snow, then rain and freezing cold temperature.  We often joke that it goes from Winter to Summer - but not usually until June!  So it still amazes me that the daffodils begin to bloom her in February, life is renewing itself.  We have had a rainy January and it's still raining from time to time - but over the past couple weeks - we have had also had more sunshine!! 

I love these moments - moments to sneak out and be outside in the sun.  It's great to get our Vitamin D!  These photos are from Parc Bordelais located in Bordeaux Centre.  My youngest daughter and I had an hour and a half together one afternoon after we dropped off - one of her big sisters for a sycnronized swimming competition.  This is how we spent an hour and half before her competition began.  

The interesting thing here is that it had rained all morning - and then the sun came out for a few hours in the afternoon before the rain returned later.  Perfect timing if you ask me!!

I think what amazed me most was that this was early February - everything was green, and flowers were coming out, life was renewing itself.  It looked and smelled like true Spring -we even loved watching all the animals!

Rabbits - running through bushes


Loved the flower beds


My daughter enjoyed  taking photos too!

When you are 6 - you find the playground!


Hanging out!

Snack time!

I love a cup of coffee and enjoying being outside!!

Renewing life...

Remember it's February here- Love Spring!

Photographing the flowers!

More flowers & green grass

One of the entrances

This is one of my favorite parks in Bordeaux.  There is so much to do here - walk, stroll, jog, bike, scooter, roller blade or just sit and enjoy!.  It's big enough to enjoy in any way one desires.  

So, I hope you enjoyed a little preview of Spring!  I know it's February and for many of my friends they have plenty of snow to deal with and will be for another month.  I do miss the snow - sometimes!  But what I love about living here - is that it's very easy to drive 2 hours away and find the snow - plenty of it!  I call it the best of both worlds!

So here's to Spring and Sunshine as we head very quickly to the beginning of March!! Do you love Spring - what's it like where you live?


  1. I so enjoy reading your blog and living vicariously through you. I am blessed to live in Florida where it is beautiful year round, but I dream of relocating to Bordeaux when my children are grown.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I do enjoy writing and sharing this place - I feel blessed too. I hope you are able to get the chance to relocate or at least travel to Bordeaux at some point - it truly is such a hidden treasure. Thank you again, always great to hear from readers!


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