Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Few things...Update from Bordeaux

The Summer begins....
Cathedral Saint Andre - Bordeaux - love this view!
I know it's been a while since my last new post.  Life has just gotten busy. Like many families  it's now summer vacation and the kids are home full-time.

This summer we are doing things a bit different - the girls and I will be leaving next week for the States to visit for almost a month.  It's our first time back "home" in almost 3 years.  I can't tell you how excited we all are.  Each night as I put the kids to bed, we end up talking about what we will be doing, who we will be seeing and just how fun it will be to be back visiting.  

Considering we are leaving next week, I have been busy preparing for our trip, continuing to work part-time, finding things to do with them here before we leave, and just trying to keep up with the normal mundane everyday stuff of a family!!  Not to mention we had US friends stop by last weekend for a quick visit!

All of this has cut into my blogging time and accounts for why there has not been a new post in a while.

Don't worry, I have plenty to share - and I have been working on several fun posts from the Wine Festival and other end of year fun!!  I look forward to sharing them soon.

Meanwhile a little update from our little corner here in Bordeaux:

This past week, we ran last minute errands in Bordeaux and around to get ready for our vacation.  This past Wednesday was fun for my older girls as they had the fun opportunity of feeling independent.  I was working in Bordeaux in the morning and we had made an appointment for haircuts in the afternoon.  My favorite hairdresser is located in Bordeaux and since it seemed silly for me to go all the way back to get them - we worked it out that they would bus in to meet me. 
Place de La Comedie - Bordeaux - early mornings are often quiet before the hustle/bustle of the day begins...
So my oldest figured it all out, when she had to leave the house, walk to the bus, where to get off in the city, walk to the tram station and take the right line to meet me at a stop that was new to her.  They even stopped for a sandwich on the way! It was the first time we allowed them both to meet me, involving transfers of transportation. In the past, my oldest has met me with just a direct ride involved. We found each other and they were thrilled to have accomplished this feat.  (Yes, my oldest had her cell phone and we were communicating a bit as they were on the way -but that sense of independence is a great thing!).  That's  what I love about this city - it's safe and manageable.  We had a great afternoon - all getting our hair to hang out with the girls in this way!!

On Friday afternoon, my younger daughters participated in a really neat workshop at the Musee des Beaux Arts (Art Museum).  For 2 hours, they joined other children for a tour of the museum and then a workshop where they got to make clay figurines.  A friend of mine and I both registered our kids, so they had friends there also.  We got to drop them off and then come back 2 hours later and pick them up. (A two hour break was heavenly after a week of all three of them home together!!)  Fun fact:  Perfect amount of time to enjoy a coffee with my friend and also run those last minute errands before we leave next week!!  Additionally this workshop was FREE!!  Take a look at the cute clay figures that they made. - If you are interested in reading more about their summer workshops - Read here - Musee des Beaux Arts

Loved this workshop or Atelier (in French) - great find!
Last night we enjoyed an impromptu barbecue at a friend's house.  It was nice that the kids could hang out with some of their friends before we leave.  In France, we have found that summer time is not always the best time to get together with friends. Kids here are off visiting or staying with family for weeks at a time, or their family is on vacation, or away at a summer home.  If they are around, it often means their parents are working and they are at day camp all day.  So it was definitely a treat to spend a little time with friends last evening!!

Summer eating! - outside and relaxed!

Finally, we are spending this weekend - organizing, cleaning and packing as we leave Tuesday!!  Feel free to follow on instagram, facebook and twitter - I will be sharing some pieces of our travels as we head back!!

Our first stop will be in Amsterdam - we have an overnight layover so have enough time to enjoy the city a little bit!!  I have never visited the city (yes, over the years, I have gotten to know the airport very well - but we have never had time to tour the city!) and I look forward to getting a quick overview with a bike tour!!

So here's to Summer and some fun!!

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