Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guest posting Today - Did you ever return to your hometown or home Country?

Vacation - What it's like to be home for a visit...
Bike Tour in Amsterdam
I'm in the process of working on several different posts.  I want to share our bike tour in Amsterdam, our quick visit & boat tour in Niagara Falls, our time in Rochester at the Museum of Play, and many other fun experiences we had over the past few weeks.  It's been a whirlwind tour - but so much fun!!
View of American & Bridal Falls from Boat
But, as with most people on vacation - the girls and I are enjoying our time seeing friends, exploring new & old areas and just plain all these posts are still in process.  Again, feel free to follow on facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you will see photos of what we are up to.  Here's just a small sample.
Museum of Play in Rochester
In the mean time, I wrote a piece for Multicultural Kids Blogs about our impressions as we returned home for the first time.  I found it interesting to get the kids opinions and also how they felt about visiting their old friends and town.  I expected many of their reactions but were surprised by others.
Hanging with cousins
Check it out - Here - Family Travel - Impressions and Perspectives

Kayaks & canoes - love our Adirondack hideaway!
More Cousin time - How many can we fit on a paddle boat?
 So I hope you enjoy a few photos here and follow our adventures through other social media and I promise you will hear all about our experiences shortly!! Are any of you on vacation - Have you ventured back toy our hometown or former town? What did you think?  Have a great end of the week!!

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  1. You guys sure backed in your couple weeks ! Hope all goes well with the house hunting!


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