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French Lessons On-Line - Excited to announce a partnership with Frantastique!

Opportunity to Learn or Improve your French with

Being in the mode of Back to School or as we say here - La Rentree - I thought it would be the perfect time to add something new to the blog. An opportunity to learn or improve your French. I am really excited to announce this partnership.  I was first introduced to frantastique this summer when I was exploring different opportunities for my readers.

frantastique is an international company (a division of the language company Gymglish) who provide Online French lessons.  Their lessons are fun, practical, and personalized. The system also provides a revision schedule to help with retaining knowledge.

With Frantastique you receive a daily on-line email lesson. No classes to attend, no materials to buy. This lesson contains a selection of exercises, texts, dialogues, audios and videos.  They also include original stories and historical information.  Once you have completed your daily lesson (only takes about 15-mins) - you send back and corrections are received right away.  Your corrections come with personalized explanations and information.  This course adapts to your wishes, needs and learning speed.  As you proceed through more and more lessons, the program focuses on the points that you struggle with, as well as topics you have requested.

I know personally when I arrived in French 4 years ago, I hadn't had formal French review or lessons in years.  We talked about me taking French lessons, but with three very active children, it was hard to find the time.  I also had a good basic level - I could read most things, and with concentration understand most people.  Speaking was the hardest for me.  Acquiring new vocabulary was also needed for certain life tasks.

I have met many expats who arrived here in France for various reasons who speak very little or no French at all.  Yes, some take classes to get to a basic level of French but all of this takes time and lessons are often only once a week.  This is why I thought it might be helpful to provide these types of lessons for all kinds of learners - beginners, through more advanced learners.  This program can reinforce a class or just serves as a refresher course for more proficient speakers.  You can do it anytime you have 15 minutes available.

I was anxious (and nervous) to try out this program.  Yes, I am proficient in French - but I know I make grammatical errors and there are still words that I seek out to get my point across.  Not to mention my pronunciation - especially with word that are similar in both French and English. - Prime example - Yogurt in English - Yaourt in French.  My brain has trouble dropping the "g" out of the word.

So I began doing my lessons - This program uses the first 7 lessons to assess your knowledge and skill set.  You always have the option to say "Je ne sais pas" or I don't know.  or if it's something really easy - you can indicate "Je sais " or "I know".  The videos are cute - the audio is clear and I actually found it rather fun.  The best part - well actually 2 best parts - It only takes about 10-15 minutes to do a lesson AND you get instant feedback - INSTANT - once you send back your lesson - you receive an email less than a minute later with your corrections.

Yes - I learned very quickly where my weaker areas were and that was great feedback. It helped my grammar and also assisted with certain French phrases that are used regularly in daily life.  Like when do you say "Bonjour" versus "Bon Apres-midi"?  "Bonsoir" or "Bonne Nuit"?  I have been impressed with the little things that I had forgotten.  After your first 7 lessons, it will also tell you the level you are at and you proceed from there.

This is why I'm excited to partner with this company.  If you are planning to move to France - here's a great way to Kick Start your French.  If you are planning a trip - always good to speak some French.  Personally, travelling around France, I have always found clerks and service people to be fairly kind and helpful.  But then again, I have always started my conversations in French.

So to give everyone a chance to try out this program -and a little incentive to kick-start your French.
Frantastique and I are offering a one week - Free Trial.  This Free trial offer is only good for a little while, so check out the program NOW.  Just click on the Free trial banner below and you will be taken directly to the sign up page.  

Come have FUN learning French - Would love to hear feedback from readers, once you begin your adventure.  Feel free to comment on the Page marked "Learn French Online".  

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