Thursday, April 14, 2016

Springtime in Bordeaux & the Gironde - Everything is blooming!

It's April in the Gironde
Yes - it's amazing how when Spring arrives, everything comes back to life again.  This region definitely has it's seasons - the cloudy, rainy, gray Winter gave way to sunny, bright and warmer Spring days.  The blossoms are coming out on the trees and the blue skies are gorgeous!!

I hope you can appreciate the feeling of Spring in these photos - it's just rejuvenating!! We are not without a few Spring rain showers from time to time - but overall, it's truly Spring here as the flowers come bloom!
The other day, I had to go pick up something on the ship where I work, so my middle daughter got a mini tour of "the office".  She loved the view from the top deck and thought the passengers were really lucky to get to sail up and down the river for a week!
I just loved this view taken from on top of the steps of the Courthouse - looking toward the Cathedral.  The sunshine and the blue sky...just lovely!
Even outside the city, plants and trees are coming back to life after the Winter.  We've enjoyed walking around the Citadelle de Blaye and also the Portes Ouvertes weekend in the Medoc.  Below is Chateau LaMothe Bergeron.  A beautiful place and property which dates back to 1773.  Excellent wine too!!

We are presently enjoying our 2 week Spring break.  It's been nice to relax - stay home and do a little Spring cleaning and just enjoying the local area.  As long as the weather cooperates, we are off to get some Ocean air this weekend.  Looking forward to that too.  Hope everyone is enjoying this Spring too!

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  1. Des très belles photos que me font pensé qu'on a beaucoup de chance d'habité dans une ville avec autant de beauté ;)


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