Friday, March 3, 2017

Lac Bleu - Parc Forestier in Leognan - Gironde

Parc Forestier du Lac Bleu - Leognan

It's still school vacation and  we chose this vacation to stay around the area.  This plan has given the girls time to relax and just do whatever they felt like doing.  This has been a great motto for the week - sleeping in, taking our time getting up, no pressure to be anywhere and the freedom to choose a plan each day.  A bit of refresh and rejuvenate.

However, I'm a firm believer in getting outside and taking in the fresh air, so we tried each afternoon to find something to do. (Honestly, there were a couple of gloomy rainy days)  Perhaps it was as simple as walking to the local park/playground or just riding around the neighborhood on bikes.  Honestly, it's sometimes hard to get the teenagers out of the house!  A couple of days we ventured further out and today we choose to take a picnic to a local lake and hang out for the afternoon with friends.

We spent a lovely afternoon exploring this new area.  This is lac Bleu - a small lake located in Leognan just west of Bordeaux.  It was a mere 20 minute drive from my house.  Of course this is "off season" but it was still a nice area to explore and just sit. It's a park that's advertised as a relaxing place to picnic and walk around.  Fishing is even permitted in season.
We choose to have our picnic lunch right next to the lake, there was just something about being close to the shoreline.   There was a picnic area, complete with tables located on the East side of the lake, but it was further from the water. Once we settled our picnic spot, we were joined by many ducks who were of course, looking for a hand-out.  I'm sure if we started throwing bread at them, we would have had many more visit.

After we had our lunch, my friend and I decided to walk the perimeter trail of the lac.  A short walk around but it was nice and peaceful.  The girls were just having a great time playing and talking to each other.

As we returned back to the main side, we chose to enjoy a coffee at the café/restaurant located right next to the lake.  A nice way to end the meal.  The girls decided to hang on the patio and talk while my friend and I enjoyed our coffee in the enclosed terrace.  I'm sure in nice weather, this whole area has a beautiful open-aire feel and attracts many to stop and enjoy the view.  The restaurant serves lunch daily. 

 So after enjoying a nice picnic, a causal stroll and a coffee, it was time to head back home.  It's definitely an area that I would head back to, in nice weather.  A bonus that it's a mere 20 minutes from the house - a great place to take an afternoon or evening walk.  A nice place to take in some serenity and escape a little from the city life.  A welcome oasis located just outside of the Bordeaux.

Parc Forestier du Lac Bleu
Chemin des Terres Rousses 33850 LEOGNAN


  1. Some wonderful spots around and this looks delightful. We are always looking for somewhere new to travel to for a weekend visit so will be following your blog from now on. Thanks for sharing Diane

  2. Sounds like a very nice way to spend an afternoon. Even "out of season" it looks great!


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