Sunday, June 18, 2017

Life in Bordeaux this Spring

A small update of our Springtime
 As I was out shopping this morning, wandering through a fresh local fruit & vegetable market, I glanced around and just felt wonderful.  Life here lately has been hectic, stressful at times but overall just delightful.  I thought I would take a few minutes and do a life update as we finish out the school year and start summer plans.

It's definitely been  feeling like summer here for the past month plus...we had an early warm Spring and now it's getting's the time of year - we eat outside more and the evenings are longer.  Here in Southwestern France - it doesn't get dark out until close to 10 pm now....that's been making it more and more difficult to get my youngest to bed on time!!  
School is still in session for the younger kids until July 7th!  Long oldest is now done, on summer break and my middle schooler will be finished with classes on the 27th of June. Then summer begins....well at least for the girls!!  

I will be working the month of July - so I can enjoy the benefits of vacation in August!!  But if you follow my facebook and instagram - you know already that I love my job and it enables me to enjoy the wonders of this area and share it with visitors...
 I have branched out a bit this year (as I'm self employed) and I'm now working for a couple other river boat cruise lines, in addition to my primary work with Viking Cruises. I  have worked with Scenic cruises and AMA Cruises in addition to some Ocean Cruise ships that arrive in port.  I love the variety of the passengers - Americans, British, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and a mix of other nationalities.  For the most part, many are surprised by the beauty of our city of Bordeaux and many fall in love with the region seeing many of our highlights.  Yes, it's wine and castles, but a great variety and each area offers something special!  I am working on a post sharing more about our local guide team for Viking Cruises and how some of you might be able to also enjoy some of these lovely day trips!  (coming soon!)
This week alone - I was up in the Medoc Region at Grand Cru classe -Chateau Prieure Lichine with guests and also South of Bordeaux in the Sauternes region showing off our Sweet whites at Premiere Grand Cru Classe - Chateau Giraud.
This area has so much to offer and it really gives me energy as I share it with visitors.  My job has become my passion and it's an honor to be able to show it off as I'm able with these companies.  Hence, unfortunately the blog suffers a bit due to my increasing work load.  Not complaints though.
Yes, I know I'm lucky and I continue to enrich my knowledge about the various places we visit - this area is so rich is history, not only about wine but history and life in general - the on-going learning process.

In addition to being a dynamic growing city, the pace of life here is more laid back than other big cities.  We are not fast paced like New York or Paris...and here in Bordeaux - everyone loves to be outside whenever possible.

It could be for a picnic on the key side (or quais), it could be wandering through a local park or square, or just taking a coffee or drink at a local is for enjoying what is here.
Even while working, when my clients are enjoying some free-time - I enjoy a nice coffee and savor the moment. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite French bloggers from the States - French Girl in Seattle.  Of course, we met over coffee and lunch outside - where else would one meet in Bordeaux? 

A glass (or 2) of Rose is always very refreshing on a hot day!  and yes, more and more Bordeaux wine Chateaux's are making Rose.  It's the new thing in this region!
Finally, the month of May was full of many long weekends (due to Catholic and national holidays). At the end of May we chose to rent a friend's house out in the Dordogne area, near the town of Bergerac.  It was paradise there - we had a sunny hot weekend and relished staying by the pool and barbecuing.
On Saturday morning we wandered into the town of Sainte Foy la Grande for their weekly town market and took in all the scents and visual pleasures of fresh produce, seafood, meats and cheeses of the region.  In addition to enjoying many artisans.  My youngest had a great time showing us all her favorites French delicacies!
This is Spring in Bordeaux!  It feels like summer and lets us enjoy the weekends as we approach the full Summer holiday.  The girls will be done with school soon...and then true summer begins for them.  My oldest at 16 is looking for part-time babysitting jobs, in between times with her friends...then it will be off on vacation for some family time away.
 I will be trying to write more and continue to share this beautiful region with everyone.  If you are on facebook, twitter or instagram, you will see more photos of our daily life.  I wish everyone a great start to summer!


  1. Looks like your getaway home was lovely! I enjoy following you on IG and FB, and I really like your longer blog posts. Happy summer to you and your girls!

    1. Thank you Lisa - Trying to balance work and writing - I do have so much that I want to share but it's always finding the time to write it down. We just had friends here and they just fell in love with the area and I was reminded again about how beautiful this area is.Thanks for commenting and I'll try to write more - always nice to know there are people who read the posts. Have a great week.


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