Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ode to the Gods...Pool & Sun Gods that is..

Drying out the pool after our arrival

Dear Pool God,

First I want to thank you for finally letting us set up our Intex pool that we hauled over to France from the States...You certainly made us work for this little feat.  Okay, I know I misread the filter pump when we left and thought it would work over here in Europe.  I don't think my husband is going to let me forget that piece.  I know 220 volts is a lot different than 120v.  Anyway, considering now that we had to clean the pool twice - once when we first arrived (the movers packed it damp, so arrived with mildew all over it!) and again this Spring to get all the Winter rains and dirt off of it.  Not to mention, the mole who likes to dig holes in our yard, and apparently enjoyed popping up underneath the pool to check out its underside.  So after spending last Saturday scrubbing and cleaning it finally looks great.

But not only did you have us clean the pool twice - we also spent several tries to find the right pump.  One would think that there are enough stores that sell Intex pools that someone would have a separate pump!  Apparently, not so easy here.....not only did we have to make sure the pump had the right water flow but also that its hoses would clamp on correctly.  So after 2 pumps, one returned...I think we have it.

And lets not forget how the movers forgot to pack pool ladder so I had to find a new one over here that was tall enough to fit the pool but not pay a mint for it!  I ended up ordering one through Amazon France - which was shipped to us from Germany!

Fast ford to set up.. get the bottom of the pool flat enough so it fills up correctly.  Two tries here...  I find it interesting that they call this Intex Easy set up pool!  There is nothing easy about setting up this pool!  We started filling it up and then realized it wasn't flat enough and had to dump out the water and start again....Oh, pool god, you must apparently like water, as we have used enough of it to clean, rinse and fill this "lovely" thing.   Even spent several hours this morning scrubbing the outside of it and the 10 hours it took to fill it up! My husband keeps why did we haul this thing over here?....

A quarter full...and outside yet to be cleaned...

Final - clean and complete!

So now dear pool god, I thank you for finally showing us the way and aiding us in finding everything we needed.   We are quite happy now with our finished project and have learned a lot along the way.

Now would you forward our prayer to the Sun god - we need a little sunshine and heat to be able to enjoy this beauty!


Happy to finally have our pool in Bordeaux!

All set and ready for the sun!


  1. Yay for a pool. It very much increases summer fun in your own back yard.
    We have a townhouse, hence no pool. The public pool only lets us men in with Speedos, no boxers allowed....... not pretty.

    1. Thanks...we have already enjoyed it, even though the weather isn't totally hot yet. Love your comment about the public pool - total agreement...sort of like French women wearing bikinis...some should and well others....not so much. Enjoy your week.


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