Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Pessac Market, Friends & Sailing Camp

Those lazy days of Summer

So now that the summer is in full's been busier for us - or maybe more for me.  The girls are having a different kind of summer than ones that they have previously had....What I mean here is that in the States since my husband & I were both working..the girls spent the majority of their time in day camps or we were on vacation.  Their days were pretty scheduled and routine.  Fast forward to this summer - since I'm not working, we are more flexible with the summer schedule.  It's more spontaneous, more flexible and maybe..just maybe more relaxed.  We love to explore, enjoy typically French things...and just have fun with friends.

At the beginning of this week, my oldest daughter and I went to the Pessac Sunday market.  Now we often go there a couple of times a month, but this time we decided to enjoy the Arcachon oysters with a local vendor.  He sold them to take home but also had "Degustations" or tastings you could enjoy.  It was lots of fun and oh, so delicious!  They were so fresh and it was such a great treat!  Oyster season in France is December through Spring - but the season has gone longer this year.

I love this photo of the Oyster reflected in her sunglasses and just looking at her mouth, you can see how much she loved them!

So after the morning at the market, since it was one of our first sunny warm days, all the girls invited friends for the afternoon.   6 girls had a wonderful time playing in the pool (which was still only around 72 degrees.)  and just hanging out.  Reminds me of some of my favorite childhood summer memories, just relaxing outside hanging near water and being with friends.

Yes, even in France, they have French hand songs...

Sunday afternoon was the last hurrah before my two oldest girls went off to 6 days of Nautical Sailing camp in Sanguinet, near the Atlantic Ocean.  This overnight camp is sponsored by our town.  The girls are spending the week learning how to sail, enjoying the beach and other fun outdoor activities.  They are sleeping in large canvas platform tents.  (Sounds a lot like girl scout camp to me!).  For my oldest daughter, this is her second time away in 3 months (remember Class Verte?) and for my 8 and half year old, it's her first time away from home.  She asked to go and was very excited but a bit nervous.  I think most of her nerves disappeared when she saw a friend from school was also going to be there.  As the 2 waited for the bus to load, they were full of smiles and excitement. 

As I write this post, it's Wednesday evening, they have been gone since Monday.  We have no communication with them - so no news is good news!  I know in these days of cell phones, most parents send them with their children.  The camp highly discouraged them and hey, when I was young, we didn't have cell phones and got along fine.  As a parent, it's different not hearing from your child, but  I just know they will both have loads of fun and I'm just so thrilled that they have this opportunity.  

Sending them off...My husband and our girls!

Rare photo of me and my girls...I'm usually behind the camera!  Don't they look happy?

On the bus and ready to go....

So it's been a quiet week in our house.  I also have my youngest daughter (almost 5) attending day camp this week.  This has allowed me time to organize and clean the house for extended family who are arriving on Friday. 

I have decided that this summer may be different than other summers, but truthfully no less busy - between camps, friends, visitors, and vacation.  We are looking forward to having lots of fun and finding new adventures...Happy summer!


  1. I sent my 10 yr old off to 4-H camp for the first time this summer. They discourage cell phones too. I think its great for kids to be unplugged. If there was a problem, I am sure the people in charge would have called. I cant wait to hear what a great time she had when she gets home on friday.

    1. They had an awesome time! I think the "Can we go back next year and for longer" sums up the experience! Enjoy your summer

  2. India adored her sailing trip even though it rained all the time and the twins week long circus camp was the best experience of their lives. I'm sure your girls will have a blast. Sounds like you're having a great summer. Maybe we'll see you soon...?


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