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Kid's Home Birthday Parties in France - Part 2

The 9 Year Old Glamour & Beauty Birthday Party

So this is Part 2 of my birthday party posts.  My middle daughter turned nine on the 30th of January.  Wow, can't believe how time flies - I still remember her as a baby!  She has always been tall, so her early years are remembered by how fast she grew and how she would out grow her clothes faster than I could get out the new season.  She's my calm, pensive child.  She's an observer and loves music and anything electronic.  She's a girly girl with a twist who loves pink and purple but also likes to move to her own beat.

After much reflection, she wanted to have a glamour party.  Now, I have to add here, I had done a party like this for my oldest in the States but I had never experienced such a party here.  I figured the girls would enjoy it, but it would definitely be a new experience.  In order to keep things simple, I created 2 beauty "stations" - one for nails and have a "mini" manicure and the other was for hair & make up.  I recruited my oldest daughter to be the hair stylist/make up artist and I did the nails. (I was hoping to keep nail polish mess at a minimum.)

We set the party for a Sunday afternoon - and figured after we did the hair and nails, we would serve cake.  I knew we had the Wii and music to dance to as diversions for those girls who wanted something to do as they waited their turn.  As each girl was dropped off, I did a little "check in" with the parents to make sure no one was opposed to returning to see their daughter "made up" and sporting some fun color of nail polish.  It was happily met with positive reactions and wishing me luck!  We also kept this party small - my daughter had 5 friends come over.  I figured 6 was a good number to be able to have enough time to do their nails and hair.

We also pulled out some fun hats, scarves, and vests to do a little dress up.  The girls seem to get a kick out of this.  I had been lucky enough to hit Claires (Yes, we have those stores here too!!  Yippee!) during a great sale so was able to buy sparkle headbands, mini brushes & lip gloss for the goodie bags.

We pulled out our nail polish collection and organized it on a tray

Same with hair accessories and make up

Each girl got to decide how they wanted their hair styled.  My oldest daughter straightened hair, put in small braids and clips.  She also added some fun make up at the end.

The Crackle nail polish was the biggest hit of all!
 My middle daughter with her sparkly headband and make up...
They all had fun dance to Just Dance on the Wii..

Of course cake time..

And presents

 I love the French custom of giving cheek kisses or "les bises" as a thank you.
 And of course, many balloons provided much fun for all!

The girls seemed to have a lot of fun at this party.  It was funny to slowly watch them warm up to having their hair done.  At first, only a couple of them had their hair style changed, but then one by one they went back to my oldest and asked if she could straighten their hair.  They loved their nails and their make up - it made for a fun afternoon among girls!  Even my youngest, who dressed up in her princess dress enjoyed watching her sister and her friends have a glamour afternoon.  (We did do her hair and nails at the end so she wasn't left out!).

I always love new ideas for parties and I look forward to planning another birthday  - luckily I get a break now - until my youngest turns 6 in October!


  1. That looks just right for that age - good planning!

    1. Thanks...always a bit tough to balance theme with age. Always good to hear from you.

  2. Look how fun girl parties are! Looking forward to that!

    1. I am sure you will have a blast with girl parties...they are fun! As my girls get older, I actually miss some of the younger themes and the fun I have had in making some of their decorations and cakes. Enjoy!

  3. It was a very nice party theme! I think every mom is looking forward to giving their daughters such a celebration. Very feminine, yet still playful and youthful! Have you thought of anything to top that next year? :D

    1. Thanks for the nice comment - so nice to hear from readers. Balancing theme and age is always a bit tricky as they get older. Not sure what we will do next year - next party is for my to be 6 year old - and she has announced at this point that she wants a tea party - but who September that may change. I have a year to come up with the next Tween party. Thank you again. Come back and visit again.


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