Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day - French Style!!

Happy Valentine's Day

In France, Valentine's Day is for lovers - ah, so romantic!  It's not the big Hallmark holiday of the States.  Although, being American, I have always given my children cards and small gifts.  I decided to keep this year low-key with the French tradition of giving chocolate or special desserts - so I knew I would look around at the different pastry/chocolate shops and see what looked enticing!  Today I was in the city having coffee with some friends.  Coincidentally, one friend had just been on a walking tour of several different pastry & chocolatiers downtown.  She decided to give us a mini -tour.

I have to admit I was so taken with all the goodies that I know where they shops are located but I don't necessarily remember all the names....each seems to have it's own speciality and some have been around for generations!

These lovely delicacies are only made for Valentine's day by this shop - Chocolate on the outside with Creme brulee and raspberry drizzle on the inside...they are designed to share - slice horizontally - one half of the man and the other for the woman.  (Guess what my husband and I are going to enjoy tonight!)

Chocolate hearts are always nice!

More chocolate...

Loved these hearts...and you can fill them too with more chocolate!

For those who prefer their chocolate with macaroons....

Chocolate shoe..and lady bugs...

Of course what's chocolate without flowers!...I should have gotten a photo of the line of men in this flower store making their purchases!

Very creative bouquet..

A cactus plant for Valentine's Day

Loved the red!

So many colors to choose from...

Again, fun colors

This was one of my favorites, the Chou-fleur or cabbage flower, complete with long stems.

  My friend even showed us a new Patisserie that has only been open for a couple of months - and they specialize is more "American style" desserts....

Happy Valentine's Day cupcakes!

More Cupcakes, key lime pies and notice the cheese cake on the bottom!

So lots of delicious things to choose from...after my mini-tour I decided on cupcakes for our family dessert tonight and I found small milk-chocolate hearts filled with almond paste for each of my girls.  I guess nothing says I love you more that chocolate!  Thank you to my new friend for the great tour - now I know all the delicious places to buy our goodies!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. I think I am going into a chocolate coma just looking at that!

    1. lol!! Exactly as I felt when I was touring all this shops! Thanks for commenting - always nice to hear from you.

  2. Yum! This is definitely something I'm really excited about in terms of moving to Bordeaux, not only eating but seeing all the beautiful shop displays. When I was there last year we saw an animated black jaguar in the window of what seemed to be a canele cafe!

    1. Yes, the window displays are often just as interesting as the items themselves! I think I could take millions of photos of window displays - there is just such a unique style here - very creative!

  3. Beautiful flowers and delicious treats!

    1. Thanks for commenting - so true - and I was also so surprised that the prices of the flowers were not hiked up for Saint Valentin's! Believe me we are still enjoying assorting samplings from my tour around.

  4. With all of those lovely shops I would have overdosed on sugar.

    1. Believe me, I was in heaven and brought a lot home with me!

  5. Just emailed you..but the not sure the email is right - You can email me through a link on my home page of the blog also.


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