Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bordeaux - The City at night during the Holidays

Enjoying the Lights and Festivities of the holidays

I love the holiday season- the music,the lights, the festivities. I always have - there is just something about that magical spirit in the Ari.  All those lights, people singing, being Merry - sharing traditions, enjoying holiday parties together.  December just seems extra special!One of the things that I love about Bordeaux is how beautiful the city is during the holidays.  Bordeaux itself and all the towns around - go all out in decorating with lights, banners, and swats of garland.  Even in our town centre of Pessac - the town square is all set for holiday activities and everyday there is Christmas music playing in the streets.  (As my oldest says as she walks out of school - "It's sort of nice to hear Christmas music coming over the speakers as she walks to her bus).

Last night, we decided to make a family night and head into the city - ice skating next to the Cathedral, walking around the city to enjoy the lights, and then finding Santa at the Christmas market.  (I was impressed that all three of my girls were willing to sit together with Santa for a photo!)  I guess you are never too old for some things!

it was a great evening - the photos speak for themselves!
Cathedral at Place Pey Berland

Ice Skating

Place Pey Berland - La Mairiee

Parents watching kids skate - Lots of people were out having a good time

My middle daughter skating

Yes, even the tree sparkled!
Loved this display!

The streets were aglow...

I'm thinking Visions of sugarplums dance in their heads!

Love these lights!!

Grand Theatre

Marche de Noel (Christmas market)
Lots of folk enjoying a nice evening out.

Chestnuts roasting....sort of an open fire

Le Pere Noel

We even found Frosty the Snowman!

Looking down Rue St. Catherine

So even though there's no snow....We can always pretend!
This week we are decorating the tree and finishing up the house.  Nana arrives Wednesday from the States to enjoy the holidays with us.  Lots of fun this season!  Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday Season!!
Lou Messugo


  1. Your daughter is right, so beautiful. Why can we keep all of these lights up all year??

    1. I would be wonderful to keep lights up all year!! Thanks for commenting - so nice to hear from you.

  2. I loved reading this and looking at your photos of the Christmas decorations in Bordeaux. I've been to Bordeaux twice, but never in December. Joyeux Noël!


    1. Thank you Jonathan - I love walking downtown in Bordeaux at Christmas time - something so magical and fun!! I wish they had lights up all year!! Hope you had a lovely holiday - thanks for commenting - love hearing from other multicultural blog readers.

  3. I've enjoyed discovering your blog. My first degree and doctorate were in French, so am always on the lookout for blogs about France. And we have a connection with Pessac - my daughter's school has an exchange with one of the colleges in Pessac. She really enjoyed her exchange visit and has kept up with her French exchange partner. They've been back and forwards between France and Scotland several times, and our families have visited each other.

    1. Wow, what a great coincidence! I think the exchange programs are wondeful!! Such a great way to see another culture and language from the "home" point of view. I'm curious - which college did you exchange with? (feel free to email me with the answer - email listed on my about me page.) My daughter's friends attend a college that do exchanges with Scotland - so I'm curious. Thank you for commenting - so nice to hear from new readers. Come back and visit anytime!! I loved checking out your blog by the way - years ago, my parents and I visited Edinburgh and I loved that city!! Some fun stories to share sometime! Hope you are enjoying your holidays.

  4. I love France.My son live in Paris.I watch everything from this wonderful country.Great photo.Thanks for pleasure.kiss from Serbia

  5. We love wondering around Nice at Christmas time to see the lights, skate and go to the market. Your photos are lovely and festive and getting me into the mood for this year. Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance

  6. This is why Christmas really is the most happiest time of the year! Wonderful pictures and wonderful memories. Great #AllAboutFrance post!

  7. I love those photos of the sparkling Christmas trees! So gorgeous! Looks like Bordeaux decorates and celebrates the season well! #AllAboutFrance


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