Friday, May 2, 2014

Girl's Guide to Paris/Europe - Super wonderful E-Magazine

Girl's Guide to Paris
The travel website for women who are traveling to Paris.  It's a great site for all things "Parisien".  The writers truly know the city inside and out and will give you advice as to what to see and do.  It's a great site and their walking tour apps are awesome. (I say that truly from personal experience - used several on our last trip to Paris!!).  The founder of this website, Doni Belau was recently featured in Forbes Magazine. 

This year, they have expanded and created an beautiful, informative e-magazine - Girl's Guide to Europe.

Are you interested in learning more about different cities in Europe?

Do you love to look at stunning photos of cities and places in Europe?

Are you planning a trip to Europe and can't decide where to go?

Then take a sneak peak of the current edition HERE:

In the current full edition I have the privilege of  2 featured articles.  The first is a piece about my mother/daughter getaway to Montpellier with my oldest daughter and the second is a photo essay about Dali's Spain.  Both were fun to write and I hope you will all enjoy them.  In the next issue, I am also featured with a photo piece about a quaint countryside village outside Stockholm, Sweden.

The cost of the e-magazine per month is less than one cup a coffee.  It's fun and very informative - sends you dreaming off to the next place to visit on your bucket list.  

Hope you will check it out.


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