Monday, April 16, 2012

Pessac Market, Flowers, Festival & Fun

Weekend fun at the Pessac Market & 
Printemps du Bourgailh
I can't believe this weekend has gone by so quickly.  We definitely enjoyed some fun outdoor time.  It was great to see all the flowers at the weekly Pessac market.  Such a fun place with all the vendors.  This week was especially colorful with so many flowers in bloom, not to mention - also for sale.  I had a lot of fun meeting and talking to many of the vendors.  These vendors seems to enjoy foreigners.  I even had one produce man who once he found out I was from the States, said, "Wait here, I want to show you something".  He went off into his truck and came out with an American magazine, "Budget Traveler".  He opens it up to show me a write up about him selling his produce and says, I have friends from all over now.  He was great!  Another vendor selling Saucisson, dried salami sausage, very poplar over here wanted to practice his English with me, telling me he likes to speak English from to practice. I just love all the fresh foods!

After taking in the market, we headed out to the Printemps du Bourgailh.  This flower, garden & nature festival was great.  First, there were tons of plants and flowers for sale.  So fun to walk through and notice all the different varieties.  This wasn't just you normal patio variety either..also included were exotic plants, fruit trees and catus plants. Some flowers I didn't even recognize from the States.   We happily went home with a small cherry tree.  Although, I would have loved to purchase more!

*Photo source/credit - Ville of Pessac
In addition to all the plants, there were other vendors, selling all kinds of natural things - foods, crafts etc.  The best part for the kids were petting animals, activities and games.  My girls had fun with the old-fashion wooden games.  They also enjoyed making nature bookmarks.  This booth provided the kids will pre-cut paper and gave them glue, beautiful dried flowers and sand and let them work.  After a child was done, they sealed it together with clear contact paper.  So cute!  I was amazed as what my 4 year old and 8 year old created!
Pony rides were also popular.  We just has a nice time walking around and taking it all in.  Finding parking was the biggest challenge as the Site du Bourgailh sits off a narrow road and only has a small parking lot, so most people were parked way down the road on either side, wherever they could find room to park.  I think we ended up parking over one Kilometer away.  This was great as we walked in, but as we returned with our purchases, it seemed long.  Especially when we had a very tired 4 year old with us.  The following pictures show more of our afternoon.  Feeling like the photos capture the joy and relaxation of the afternoon.  I was just excited to be surrounded by natural things.  Like I said to a friend of mine earlier this evening, sometimes I feel like life over here is simpler than back home in the States.  Not that we didn't have these kind of festivals back home, but nothing is too overdone here.  Keeping it simple. The pace is also much more relaxing.

A great time was had by all and it's hard to believe the weekend is over already.  We now get ready for our next round of guests and start the school vacation.  

Who can get all of the the markers on the other side first?
Sampling all natural apple juice.
Deep in concentration trying to balance a ball.

Bonsai Maple tree

Designing a bookmark
Final step in sealing the bookmark

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