Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Carcans Maubuisson - Great place in Southwestern France for some fun family time

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Lac Carcans-Hourtin

Fun in the Sun - Afternoon on the Lake

The other afternoon we met friends of ours out at Carcans Maubuisson.  We chose this lake, located close to the Atlantic as a break from the strong crashing Ocean waves.  Carcans-Maubuisson is a township composed of 5 smaller villages - Carcans bourg, Le Pouch, Maubuisson, the area of Bombannes and Carcans Plage.  The town of Maubuisson sits on the edge of  Lac de Carcans-Hourtin.  This area is stunningly beautiful and its has been developed with families in mind.  At the end of the lake there is a wonderful gentle beach, where on can sunbathe and swim. There is also beautiful long tree-lined walking path all along the Southern Shore.   For the more active soul, there are rentals of windsurfers, catamarans, sailboats along with paddle boats. This area is highly prized among Europeans for sailing practice and learning!

We arrived in the middle of the afternoon.  It was already busy, but it was a Sunday.  Even though there were no spaces in the Public parking area next to the beach, we had no problem parking a couple blocks off the beach area, near the tennis club.  It wasn't more than a 5 minute walk to bring all of our gear to the beach.

The beach area at Maubuisson
We settled in and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in and out of the water.  I loved this beach especially for my youngest as it gently increased in depth.  She could walk way out and still be able to touch.  The water was a great temperature - comfortable but refreshing.  It was fun to look around and see all the fun things we could do.
Many kinds of boats to rent



Catamarans - Great family recreation area

After the kids got tired of playing in the water and swimming, the fathers decided to rent a paddle boat and venture out into the lake.  I loved these paddle boats!  They all had a built in slide for playing in the water and plenty of room for up to 6 people!  Some of the boats even looked like cars!
The Dads take the older kids out in a paddle boat

This was a deluxe boat - room for 6 & a slide for water fun!
My youngest decided that she wanted just to watch the older kids play.  She was having her own fun time making friends and building sandcastles!

The youngest just enjoyed floating around

She also loved playing with new friends on the beach.

This particular afternoon was bittersweet as these good friends are headed back to the States and this was our last family outing with them.  My older two children have loved having "American" friends here in France and will miss them very much.  
Best Friends!!  So glad we live in the modern technology age, so these two can keep in  touch!
After we had our fill of the afternoon sun and sand, we headed into the town of Maubuisson to find a restaurant for dinner.  I love these adorable French towns with all their cafes, awnings and terraces.

Wandering around town, looking for the perfect restaurant - so many to choose from!
Sample menu - salads, lots of grilled choices & traditional fare
If one was staying in this area for more than a day, there are bikes to rent
Bikes for all sizes!
We finally settled on a lovely cafe with local fare and we all enjoyed salads, seafood and excellent desserts!

The other set of Best friends!!  We will miss you guys!!
After our meal, we headed back out to the beach area for an after dinner walk.  The tree lined path was so inviting.  It was a great way to take in the sunset and peacefulness of the evening.

Time for a walk - after dinner!
The lake was quiet, with all the boats moved onto the shore
Loved the quietness of the beach after sunset!

Paddle boats - all lined up - ready for the next day

Quiet and peaceful time


Even the moon added it's own characteristic
Finally, the adults were done with the water....but not the children!  They rolled up or took off their clothing and headed back into the water for one last time, before heading back home!  Nothing like a 10 pm swim!!
Yes, that would be my children...heading into DEEP water.  I laughed at their choice of  place on the beach - My adventurers!  They keep us on our toes!
(As my oldest pointed out, it's doesn't say No Swimming, it's just pointing out a drop off!)

I look forward to returning to this area, it's about an hour Northwest of Bordeaux and a great spot to just hang out and relax!!  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer - as the heatwave has settled here in France, we are certainly enjoying being so close to water!!


  1. Looks like you are having a great summer . Have fun on your visit to the Dorgone ? Spelling? I have wanted to visit the caves in that region.

    1. Thank you. We are having fun - it's nice to introduce the girls to so many fun things to do in this great area! We have almost a month before school starts - but I know when we return, I will be focused on school supplies, clothes, shoes etc...shifting gears. But for now, it's fun to just be on vacation!


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