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Lege - Cap Ferret - A Hidden treasure & great vacation spot for families!

Cap Ferret 

Cap Ferret is at the end of the peninsula, situated at the North side of the Bassin d'Arcachon in the French department of Gironde. This headland takes the form of a spit, which separates the Atlantic Ocean from Arcachon Bay. At the same time, the entrance to Arcachon Bay separates Cap Ferret from the resort town of Arcachon. This area has historically been a resort area for the high French society and remains a trendy destination for summer holidays for all. It's also perhaps one of France's best kept secrets from International travelers.  Cap Ferret is famous for its lighthouse and as an up-market resort that has retained its natural feel at the heart of the Landes of Gascony and the Pays de Buch.  It's family friendly, natural and carefree.  A lot of people will rent vacation homes or camp out on the peninsula and just enjoy the relaxed beach style life.  As beaches surround this whole headland, it's easy to be near a beach and walk or ride to it.

As an American, this area reminds me of Cape Cod, with it's narrow access, the feeling of being surrounded by water on both sides, beautiful beach charm along with it's quaint villages, bike paths and long beaches. Cap Ferret is accessible by road from the north, and by passenger ferry from Arcachon. 
Walking to the lighthouse

The top or cap of the lighthouse (photo credit to my oldest daughter)

View from the lighthouse

View looking back onto Cap Ferret

Last August we headed out to explore Cap Ferret with friends.  We drove out the main road, enjoying many of the cute villages along the way and stopped at the lighthouse. The kids had a blast going to the top.  We then settled down for the afternoon on La Plage de la Pointe - at the very tip of Cap Ferret.

View looking into the Bassin d'Arcachon

Blues - The color of the ocean, water & so many nautical things!
I loved the colors of the signs at the lighthouse.

Looking toward the Dune du Pyla from the lighthouse.

I loved this beach for many reasons.  It had spectacular views of the Dune du Pyla and it was beautiful to see the Atlantic Ocean and also the Bassin.  On the day we were there, the Ocean waves were fun and very manageable for kids. They were big enough to enjoy riding on them with board, but not too strong for younger children.  

On the beach - always nice to have boards to ride the waves.

Sitting on the beach, viewing the Dune du Pyla

Great beach for the kids!

Our spot on the beach

More Dune du Pyla

My middle daughter loved having the waves spray her as they crashed on the shore.

After our afternoon on the beach, enjoying the sun, the surf and the peacefulness of the salt air, we head back up the peninsula to have the traditional French summer dinner of Moules & Frites (Clams & Fries).  This, along with a glass of wine was the perfect way to end this relaxing fun day!!  

I look forward to having many more days like this one!

Refreshing and divine!

Moules!  Love them!

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