Friday, July 12, 2013

Natation Synchronisee - End of year Gala & Summer Heat

Summer heat and a little Natation Synchronisee (Water Ballet)

It is definitely hot today!  It's been very hot all week! So happy that my oldest is away at camp - on the water so she can enjoy cooling off daily!  I'm not really complaining but it limits one's time outside.  I tend to get out in the morning, get things done, and then by mid-late afternoon - we find our selves back inside - staying cool!  Now, we are pretty lucky with this house - not only do we have the traditional shades (in France)  that roll down to keep the heat out, but allow air through, we also have a geothermic heating/cooling system that keeps our ceramic floors cold in the summer.  So being inside is pretty nice & cool!

We are enjoying these lazy days of summer inside - I'm catching up on photo/video work of all my pictures etc.  I'm including a video in this post and a few photos from my oldest daughter's end of the year show for her Synchronized Swimming Team.  This has been her first year - and she has truly enjoyed it.  I'm excited for her to continue next year.

The video is the routine that they  performed for the end of year gala - They actually just learned it a couple of weeks before the gala - not too bad for a first year team with a few practices!  Enjoy! (Pardon the quality, I'm new at doing videos - but I'm trying!)

Watching others perform

The Finale - many teams in the water !

Since all the teams can not be in the water for the finale, the other teams danced on the sidelines!
So I'm hoping everyone is enjoying their summer so far...If it's warm where you are, I hope you get to cool off.  Have a great weekend!!

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