Friday, May 25, 2012

Life this week in Photos..Parks, Friends and Baking

A little fun, a little sun, a little socializing and baking...

 So we enter into the final long weekend of May...I can't believe how many holidays there have been in France this month.  I was uploading photos from my small camera and enjoying all the parks, and fun times we have had just in the last couple of weeks..

The first photos are at the Site du Bourgailh - This great park in Pessac has so much to offer.  The other day we decided to walk through their tropical greenhouse...needless to say, my youngest enjoyed the hanging moss!

We enjoyed hiking in the Dordogne last weekend - our 4 day weekend.  I'll have to write a separate post on that whole hike in Campagne - a small village near where my in-laws live...but I had to share my youngest daughter just having fun...maybe her mother takes too many photos?

So this week, I spent time getting my oldest daughter ready for a trip with her class called Classe Verte or roughly translated to Outdoor Class - This is an 8 day trip and they are off to the Pyrenees Mountains for some hiking, exploring and outdoor learning.  Needed to outfit her with hiking boots, heavy socks, hiking shorts (not something a fashion conscious 11 year old automatically owns..).  We did fit a bit of time meeting up with new English speaking friends at Parc Bordelais in Bordeaux on Wednesday afternoon.   My oldest loves to order her own ice cream and beverages...I think she has a lot of fun using her French and I get a kick out of listening to her.  I still sit back in awe as I listen to my daughters speak French...just amazes me every time I  hear them rattle off a sentence and/or tell a story in French.

We were quite a group sitting at the cafe stand.  I think we totalled 4 families and 12 kids.  My oldest bring water to her sisters and new friends...and below my youngest enjoying her favorite snack - Ice Cream!  It's been a lot of fun here to socialize with both French speaking families and kids and also meet English speaking families.  My older girls find it fascinating to hear where everyone is from and what they think of Bordeaux.  

One of the fun things about heading off to a city park is to be able to take the scooters, bikes, skateboards or rip-sticks to ride on.  The girls always have a blast riding.  It's still though, funny seeing them on their way to or from riding on the city sidewalks!  City life is definitely different than suburbia!  They can even take their bikes and scooters on the trams - actually you see everything on the trams - bikes, scooter, strollers and even animals.  

Finally I ended my week, having a group of women at our house from the Bordeaux Women's Club.  This club has become my social network and I have met so many interesting women.  Anyway, one of the members held a healthy baking session at my house.  We made the best Banana Bread on earth and also coconut macaroons (not the French kind).  The best thing about these recipes is that they are healthy!  You should check out her blog at Healthy Indulgence - some great recipes and tips!   So as I head into our last long weekend in May - the weather is warm, sunny and lovely!  I'm thinking healthy foods and fun exercise! Looking forward to a fun weekend ahead!

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