Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Showers, May of France

Loving the Spring Flowers....

So we have been having a bout of cool weather and rain...(rain, rain, go away).  It's been quite a strange Spring - 85 degrees in March - cool & rainy April - a bout of 95 degree weather in early May and now mid-60's.  I never know what to where each day....sweater, coat, umbrella...all three?

I have to say though, I am admiring all the beautiful flowers around this area.  I have always loved flowers - always marveled at other people's flower gardens.  I have never had the time to create and tend a large flower garden of my own...I'm often lucky if I get a few pots planted for my patio. 

Anyway, it's been great to photograph many of the beautiful plants and flowers here.  My youngest daughter also enjoyed just picking wild daisies on a hike this past weekend.  The fun of just taking in nature.

Just  a short post tonight to share my lovely surroundings over the past week and the beautiful flowers around me.

Hopefully all this beauty will bring warmer weather and sunshine!

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