Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nice weather, May holidays...Parc Bordelais

Enjoying life....Parc Bordelais, Bordeaux

As I said earlier this month - May is full of holidays...I swear the kids have been home more than at school.  We have been fortunate the the weather has been lovely this month - after all the rain in April.  But I still feel like this month, I've been scrambling a little to find different things to do.  Holidays are also hard as nothing is open.  This leaves parks and other outdoor places for wandering we just go off and investigate.

Below are photos from our afternoon at Parc Bordelais - a large park in downtown Bordeaux.  This place was a wonderland of enjoyment

Lots of paved road for walking, biking or riding scooters..
Live animals to enjoy - peacock, ducks, pig, sheep - including many with babies
Beautiful flowers and greenery
A fun pond
A little train that rides around the park (love this ride 1 euro 50 for the ride!)
Motorized bikes/carts for kids (also a 1.50 euros)
and cool quiet walking trails

Definitely a place I want to return to...maybe it would be a great place to do some power walking or roller blading?...

The kids just had a great time being kids..running, riding scooters, rip-sticking and just playing.  I have to say I love to see them having so much fun outside!!  This has been one of the luxuries of the weather here - we find lots of great outdoor activities!  My kids also enjoy the flowers and the's fun to see them find trees that we are not use to from the States - bamboo & palm trees are often seen here.  They all also love the flowers and they are everywhere!!  I'm glad my kids are appreciating the outdoors and now often ask to go out to a park or somewhere to be around trees and flowers....As my husband says...we don't hear "Would you take me to the mall" that much anymore by my oldest daughter!...enjoying some of the fringe benefits of exploring a new area.

What is also nice to see is that French families also enjoy the outdoors - we see lots of families biking, walking and strolling with scooters etc.  Now we also enjoyed our parks in the Saratoga area - but it just seems to be a national pastime here - just to truly enjoy being outside.  The weather also allows this.

My favorite photo is below...I feel it really captures the fun they had at this park.  The girls were all just lying on the ground and looking up at the sky - resting but enjoying themselves.  My youngest just looked so thrilled!

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