Thursday, May 2, 2013

Greater Horizons - Connnecting abroad...

Broadening our horizons...(well, virtually that is...)

I am so excited today to link up with Postcards from Rachel & Lost in Travels  during her monthly Expat Diaries link-up party.One of the many benefits of blogging has been to connect with so many other people who do the same thing.   I especially enjoy meeting other expats who have also taken on the challenge of living in a foreign country.  So check out her link below and go meet some new people. 

If you are a new reader, welcome to American Mom in Bordeaux.  I started this blog just over a year ago as a way to share our family experiences of living in France.  Feel free to explore my posts and photos.  We are having lots of fun living & getting to know France & the French culture as a family.  I adore taking photos and capturing our moments here.

If you are a regular reader of blogs - we can be followed on bloglovin.  You are also welcome to like my page - American Mom in Bordeaux on facebook, follow us on Pinterest (American Mom in Bordeaux-link on right side), twitter@MominBordeaux) and instagram (@AmericanMominBordeaux) too.

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  1. Glad to link up with you too. I post over at A Compass Rose. I have been blogging since 2005 off and on but only realized this year how amazing the expat community is in the blogging world. Glad to meet you.

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  2. It's so nice to meet bloggers who are interested in the same thing! I wish I would have started blogging right away when we moved abroad, but I'll be ready next time. :) Thank you for linking up and I hope you meet a lot of expat friends!

  3. Now back to sunny warm beaches - just in time to catch Fall into Winter again.

  4. Isn't blogging amazing in that you have an opportunity to meet and get to know people you wouldn't otherwise know!


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