Friday, May 31, 2013

It's the end of May - Where is Spring? Weather forecasting in Southwestern France.

What's the Weather going to be today?

My husbands favorite question this month is "How warm is it going to be today?"  I'm chuckling as the weather has seemed to be the main conversation for this whole month.  I'm sitting here laughing as I can't believe I'm actually writing a post about the weather!  After all, France has so many interesting things to offer - but this topic has just intruded on so many conversations this month - I just felt the need to document it.  Normally, talking about the weather constantly is reserved for those who love following meteorology or it's the conversation one has when you are not quite sure what else to say.  But wow, this month has been full of weather conversations - for the mere fact it's been a just plain awful Spring here, in Bordeaux (& I dare say for most of France!).  Yes, the photos you will see in this post are from last year - a more typical Spring look!

Sentences heard from others or even said by myself recently:

Wow, Spring break was like Fall break - cool, crisp and rainy. 

When is it going to stop raining?  

Where's the sun?  Heck, Where's the warm weather?

This weather is really affecting our moods.

It rains one minute, then the sun comes out, then it rains again, then the sun is out again. repeat.

The other day I wore my sunglasses while holding my umbrella over my head...knowing in 2 minutes the sun would be back out...(if only for 5 minutes..before another shower moved through)

Still waiting for it to warm up. (Temps have only been around 15 degrees Celsius/around 60 degrees Fahrenheit - much cooler than normal for here.) 

So hard to dry laundry outside as it keeps getting wet. & My living room looks like a laundry mat as I have all my drying racks lined up in front of my living room window.

My lawn is so tall, every time I have time to mow, it's either wet from the rain or it's raining out.

Bordeaux is suppose to be one of the most sunniest cities averaging about 315 days/year of sun - NOT THIS YEAR!

Where's the beach?- by this time last year we had been to the beach a handful of times.  This year - can't seem to find it!

Parents praying for dry weather for outdoor Spring/summer birthday parties - (Note, dry weather - sunshine is a bonus & warmer temps - double bonus!)

The weather is definitely beginning to wear on people.  I think that's why it has become so much a part of daily conversation here.  We all keep hoping it's going to change - sunshine, warmer days and sunnier dispositions!  As I said in the beginning of the post - I'm chuckling, as I can't remember the last time I have heard so many people talk about the weather on a DAILY basis!

So here's hoping that there is a shift - a shift back to a normal seasonal climate here - Sunshine and warmth!  (I have had a peak at next weeks forecast - we are suppose to see the SUN! - But if there is one thing I have learned here - the French also have a hard time predicting the weather - so SEEING is BELIEVING!)  We will keep hoping and believing that it's just got to turn around.  In the mean time,  I'm including some lovely Spring photos in this post to help us focus on blowing the clouds and rain right out of here!

The other day I saw a full rainbow - now that's a good sign, right?  I believe it is - at least it's a beautiful sign of good things hopefully to come!

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