Thursday, May 23, 2013

Featured Today - on - Interview with American Mom in Bordeaux

Expats Blog - Interview

Hello everyone!

Today is a pretty special day.  I was interviewed by the lovely people at Expatsblog.  We are the featured expat today over on their site.  It was a lot of fun doing the interview - always nice to share our experience.  I hope you find it interesting to read. 

Go check it out - and please feel free to comment - always nice to hear from readers.

You can find the the interview  - by clicking

here- Interview with Jennifer - American Mom in Bordeaux - Expats

The weather here has still been cloudy and cool - so here are some photos of Spring and sunshine from last year - here's hoping for a change in this weather pattern! It always brightens my day to see such fun colors and imagine warmer weather. I'm off to scout out some ideas for the girls and my husband for Mother's Day - in France it is celebrated this Sunday.  

The second post about our trip to Lourdes will post in a couple of days.  Have a wonderful day!

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